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3oz Cold Brew Bag

$0.50 USD

Image of 3oz Cold Brew Bag Image of 3oz Cold Brew Bag

3oz Cold Brew Bag / Disposable
$0.50 each


1. First grind your coffee beans to a medium coarse consistency.
2. Fill the cold brew filter bag with 3oz of ground coffee beans, add it to a mason jar or other glass storage container with water.
3. Then, leave it to steep for 12-48 hours.
4. Take out the cold brew filter and leave the concentrate.
5. Store the cold brew concentrate in the refrigerator. (This will keep it fresh for a week or so.)
6. To serve, pour the cold brew concentrate over ice, with water or with your favorite milk or creamer.

Size: 4 inch wide, 6 inch tall
Color: white